Sustainability and the Environment

At CTD Architectural Tiles we strongly believe that good design is rooted in the ability of a product to improve the environment for people to habitat, and our mission is to bring you a product offer and service which is inspiring whilst also working towards a sustainable future. Our personal environmental responsibility ends not at the point of manufacture but all the way to the delivery to site and fixing in your project. CTD Architectural Tiles are committed to supporting sustainable tile manufacturing and responsible distribution in conjunction with our suppliers.

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If your project requires a specific green credential (BREEAM, LEED or similar) you can trust us to provide you with a wide choice of products which fit your needs exactly, please just get in touch and let us know what you require.


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Our commitment to helping develop sustainable habitats is evidenced with Greenworks, which has grown to become the UK's recognised authority and market expert in sustainable building products and solutions. It provides construction professionals with in-depth advice and support on sustainable building solutions, including renewable energy products. Through its specialist Training Academy, Greenworks also provides a range of industry leading practical and classroom based training and e-learning modules. For more information on Greenworks visit



Look out for the Ecolabel - Guaranteeing eco-sustainability

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This certification, awarded by the European Union to products with low environmental impact, guarantees to end users/consumers and planners/designers that the purchased products are eco-friendly and eco-sustainable. The European logo of environmental quality (Ecolabel) certifies compliance with the European environmental criteria and is only awarded to products that, compared to those of competitors, have low environmental impact. The entire product lifecycle is evaluated to determine the impact on the environment, from the extraction of raw materials (including the selection of suppliers), through manufacturing, distribution (including packaging) and product use, until the final disposal. Energy consumption, the level of pollution the product adds to water and air, environmental safety and the level of pollutants added to the soil are factors that are taken into consideration when products are awarded the Ecolabel certification.



What is the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre?

CTD Architectural Tiles are proud to be a Saint-Gobain brand and ambition of being the reference for sustainable habitat is at the heart of the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre. This is a space that enables visitors to experience innovative and sustainable solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow. It brings together experience, competence and influential thinkers to help drive evolution and innovation. It aims to create exchange and dialogue between influential players in the construction industry. The Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre offers an engaging and interactive path towards exchange and dialogue. At Saint-Gobain, our aim to be the world leader in sustainable habitat has driven us to create the Multi-Comfort concept for buildings. Incorporating Passive House design, it’s a way of designing and building sustainable, healthy and comfortable home and working environments. The Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre enables visitors to learn more about this concept and experience some of the solutions we have on offer.

The Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre
95 Great Portland Street
London W1W 7NY
Tel: 020 7323 6576