The Louisa Centre Refurbishment - Case Study 2017

Diving into the Louisa Centre Stanley

The Louisa Centre is a historic building within the Stanley area of County Durham, originally built in the 1970’s.

Known for its fantastic lifestyle and fitness facilities, the Louisa Centre has grown in popularity over the years resulting in a much-needed refurbishment.

CTD Architectural Tile - Louisa Centre

During 2007 the local authority known as Derwentside Leisure Services joined forces with the existing Leisure Trust, Derwent Leisure Ltd to form an exciting society called the Derwentside Leisure LTD, commonly known as Leisure Works, an organisation which operates from 4 well-known leisure facilities within the North East.

  • Empire Theatre - Consett
  • Consett Leisure Centre – Consett
  • The Lodge Blackhill & Consett Park
  • The Louisa Centre, Stanley. (View the short video below to see what they have to offer)

Social Facilities & CTD Architectural Tiles

Offering gymnastics, trampolining programs and an array of fitness facilities, it was paramount to provide the correct foundation for the many who visit the Louisa Centre on a regular basis.


CTD Specification Manager Sean Lane instantly knew the CTD Pennine rectified tile would be suitable for the Louisa Centre Project because of its tranquil, natural glazed porcelain properties and its natural & honed surface finish.

Suitable for all commercial projects this stunning wall & floor tile comes with an R10, +36 PTV slip rating, the Pennine 02 which comes in 3 sizes was used throughout the Louisa Centre entrance floor areas.

CTD Architectural Tiles Louisa Centre

Architect Kevin Thomason from Durham Council sourced the specified tile range on behalf of main development contractors Manners, whilst it was tiling subcontractors T.Best Tiling who provided specialised tile fitting services at The Louisa Centre refurbishment project.

CTD Architectural Tiles - Louisa Centre

CTD Architectural Tiles Specification Manager Sean Lane states “The Louisa Centre has been standing since the 1970’s and underwent its last refurbishment in 2004 when a swimming pool was added.

The latest refurbishment sees the CTD Pennine wall & floor tile range used in a social space to add depth and light to the area.

The staircases and landings are only part of phase 1 of the project; I look forward to seeing the next stage in the development”
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