The Caley Picture House Refurbishment– Case Study 2017

The Caley Picture House – A step in time.

Originally opening in 1923, the Grade 2 listed building The Caley Picture House sits on Lothian Road in the City of Edinburgh and carries with it a rich history linking to both film and music.

Initially a cinema seating over 1500 people, the grand auditorium proved to be an entertainment magnet for generations of Laudonians.

Lothian Road Tiles

In 1983, the building moved with the times and became a nightclub and concert venue welcoming the likes of ACDC, Hawkwind and Queen onto its stage.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, and the Caley Picture House is appealing to a new generation of patrons due to its hospitality, where its high end tile specification is wowing customers and staff alike.

CTD Architectural Tiles & The Caley Picture House

Specification Manager John Lannin with his Scottish roots was more than pleased to get involved when approached by Architects Harrison Ince.

Joining forces with main contractors Sanderson & tiling contractors C & J Metcalf, the Harrison Ince team provided a challenging specification with grand expectations John Lannin was only too happy to get stuck into.

Luxurious Tiles

Lothian road picture house tiles

This exciting specification was by far one of the grandest projects John had worked on to date. With gold 39mm x 90mm rhombus shaped tiles laid across the front of the imposing ground floor bar, a sense of true luxury was achieved.

Design Specification

The Caley Picture House

With its stunning surrounding in place and its rich history to match, it was no surprise to us it required tile ranges such as Origini wood effect tiles, Bouquet diamond Onix tiles for bathroom walls and our ever popular Lisbon tile range for the main bar floor area.

The Caley Picture House

Harrison Ince knew exactly what was needed for the bathroom walls in order to be on trend and classy which is why the Bouquet Diamond shape tile range was selected.

A 21st century trending shape which can commonly be seen laid in three versatile ways (cube, chevron and argyle) guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The Caley Picture House

As you can see from the photos, this spectacular combination of tile ranges throughout the building works incredibly well and accentuates the Caley Picture House features within the main auditorium.

CTD Architectural National Sales Manager John Lannin commented on the project. “I like the cinema, I like music, I like hospitality and I love working with Harrison Ince and Sandersons. Couple all this with its stunning location in the old country, this was a dream project for me. I expect that my fellow Scots will be patronising the Caley Picture House in significant numbers and the success of the business will match the success of the design and fit out of the project.”

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