MultiComfort from Saint-Gobain


MultiComfort brought to you by Saint-Gobain

Taking the lead from our Parent Company, Saint-Gobain, it is becoming more and more apparent of the need for multi-comfort in the building we live, work and play in.

So much so we are helping to shape the agenda and create new solutions to make the best out of our buildings. We on average spend 90% of our time in them and it's therefore vital for using innovation to develop new solutions for living more sustainably and more importantly, more comfortably.

Over its 350 years of history, Saint-Gobain has pioneered the development of innovative building materials and solutions, most of which were not developed in the previous 5 years at any one time… that’s a lot of innovation!

Their goal, and by being part of it, we are also striving to contribute this rich experience to creating a better, more comfortable and more sustainable future – through the multi-comfort program.

MULTICOMFORT offers comfort from every angle – for everyone, everywhere, whatever type of building they’re occupying.

Shaping the Brief for architects and designers

The design approach architects, designers and engineers are increasingly focused on the question of how to achieve a healthy indoor environment that contributes to our quality of life but the relationships between wellbeing and indoor environments are complex - and have, before now, largely been dealt with in an individual manner.

Saint-Gobain is putting together detailed guidance about the minimum building and performance standards for achieving MultiComfort compliance through the design approach. By experimenting in the built environment to find new ways of improving the health and wellbeing benefits of many different types of buildings and how all elements of a building can come together.

By being part of the MultiComfort program we are committed to help shape the future.

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