Introducing The New & Exciting Honed Tile Collection

Introducing the Honed collection, a real game changer when it comes to tile decoration throughout commercial and residential projects.

With innovative tile trends such as 3D & Décor tiles dominating the market it’s nice to see that the Honed collection is made up from 5 exciting porcelain tile ranges all of which combine semi polished surfaces with + 36 PTV slip resistance values whilst remaining  stylish.

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ctd architectural honed collection

Broken down into 5 energising and imaginative tile ranges the honed tile range is bursting with endless possibilities.

Honed Collection is made up from the following tile ranges:

  • Burnish
  • Bravura
  • Nanoessence
  • Regeneration
  • Terratec

Let us tell you a little bit more about these dominant tile ranges.

ctd architectural burnish tile range


The burnish tile range available from CTD Architectural Tiles is available in 3 versatile and stylish colours including a distinctive green shade, perfect for anyone looking to add a unique touch to any project big or small.

Not only does this charming yet rustic tile range come in a range of thrilling colours, the Burnish tile range is available in 3 breathtaking special pieces: Décor Ramp, Mosaic Mix and a 5x15 tile piece.

bravura tile collection


Create waves within your clients’ commercial or residential build with the latest in 3D design tiles from the Bravura tile range.

A monumental shift in the design industry has made 3D effect tile ranges the latest must-have when it comes to tile trends.

Bravura comes in 4 different colours: White, Beige, Grey and Black all of which look highly sophisticated and classy when coordinated. Special pieces from the Bravura tile range include Ramp and Mosaicobrick effect tiles – great for creating new dimensions.

nanoessence tile range from ctd architectural tiles


Discover the Nanoessence tile range at CTD Architectural Tiles.

This thrilling new range comes in 3 neutral colours and 5 sizes including a trend-setting chevron shape.

Not only does this fun tile range have a variety of inspiring colours and sizes it also comes with a diamond décor tile option which looks fantastic in commercial builds.

ctd architectural tiles regeneration


With strong industrial links this new tile range is somewhat of an icon.

Available in 4 different sizes and 3 colours the Regeneration tile range is sure to make a statement in both commercial and residential projects alike.

Featuring 3D special pieces called Regeneration Lappato brick and a décor tile called Circle Moon the possibilities for on trend effects are truly endless.

Terratec CTD Architectural Tiles


If you’re looking for a show stopper to add something special to a project then look no further.

Our new Terratec Tile range comes in 5 stunning colours including a peacock multi-colour tile option which will give any commercial or residential project the edge it deserves.

The Terratec tile range pushes boundaries with its Zebra décor and mosaic 5x5 tile ranges.

So there you have it, a quick glimpse into the latest tile ranges from the Honed Collection  available from CTD Architectural Tiles.

If you would like to know more about the latest tile ranges available from CTD Architectural Tiles or would like to discuss an up and coming tile range please feel free to contact a specification manager  on 0800 021 4835 or e-mail