In The Spotlight: Business Development Manager Jon Evans

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our latest addition to the CTD Architectural Tile Team, Jon Evans.

Jon, who is an enthusiastic traveller, did not hesitate to fit us in for a quick catch up while visiting our CTD Architectural Tiles Newcastle Head office – a few hundred miles away from Bedfordshire where he is based.

Our interview with Jon was eye opening, interesting and one that had us wanderlusting for distant destinations!

Intrigued... You should be, here’s how our interview went…

jon evans ctd architectural

K: Can you tell me a bit about yourself and a brief look at your previous history?
J: I am 51 years young and I am married with 1 daughter.

While I have always worked in Sales, I started work within the tile industry in 1993, starting as a retail representative for Porcelanosa.

In the past 23 years I  have picked up a wealth of knowledge working for different companies, including a company who manufactured and distributed under tile heating all of which I am able to use throughout my new job role within CTD Architectural Tiles.

I have been based in both England and the USA, my love for traveling and business came hand in hand when my wife and I were able to move to the USA and build a business from concept to creation in Connecticut selling electric under tile systems,  a very fond time of my life.

K: How did you come across CTD Architectural Tiles?
J: I found out about CTD Architectural Tiles through its renowned reputation and my LinkedIn connections.
It’s great to see CTD Architectural Tiles are ahead of their game in all aspects of communication, making it easy and accessible to potential employees.

K: What does your job entail and what attracted you to the role and where will you be based? J: At first it was about seeing what I can do for CTD Architectural Tiles and if there was a gap in the market for my strengths and skills. My role appeals to me because of it being a tailored position, one that both I myself as an individual and CTD Architectural Tiles as a company can see the need for. I’ll be mostly based in London and the South East.

K: What kind of clients will you be dealing with?
J: I have a good understanding of what tiling contractors need and the timescales they need to work to, therefore I will predominantly be dealing with tiling contractors, developers, and main contractors within the South, building and maintaining relationships, adding value to owner-operators of business and potentially broadening horizons, as well as mentoring our graduate employees.

K: What are your first impressions of CTD Architectural Tiles?
J: Friendly, professional & knowledgeable…CTD Architectural Tiles are well respected within the industry and working with the likes of Andrew Sadler was what appealed to me.

K: Saint-Gobain has recently been indexed in Dow Jones as one of the top 3 sustainable companies globally and number 1 in Europe, what does CTD Architectural Tiles do to help maintain this?
J: CTD Architectural Tiles are always looking for new ways to improve sustainability, whether it be using environmentally friendly products, locally sourced materials during manufacture stages or to simply organise a telephone conference instead of driving.

K: How has the design industry changed since you started your career?
J: Accessibility has opened the market, traveling is a lot easier, more efficient and cheaper too. Design elements have changed dramatically, tiles have new formats and are more technical and thinner porcelain is high in demand.

K: If you were to predict 3 future tile trends for 2017 what would they be?
J: Large format tiles, geometric patterns & a greater choice of tiles classified as low slip potential.

K: What are your hobbies and interests?
J: I like rugby, golf and spending time with my family.

K: If you were to retire today what would you do?
J: I enjoy travelling so if I was to retire today and had no money restrictions I would learn to fly!

K: If you were able to travel to any three destinations what would they be and why? 
J: South America, because I’ve not been there, Hawaii & Mauritius I am very lucky to have travelled back from the east coast via LA, Tahiti & the Cook Islands plus New Zealand, Singapore and Florida.

K: Last but by no means least … Describe yourself in 3 words.
J: Honest, loyal and dependable.

So there you have it guys… if you are anything like us you’ll be green with envy after hearing about all of the wonderful places Jon has visited yet eager to hear more about his travels!

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Jon or one of our CTD Architectural Tile Specification managers about an up and coming project or simply want to discuss a tiling query please feel free to contact us on the details below.

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