In the spotlight: CTD Specification Manager John Lannin

Retail and Leisure specialist and horse racing enthusiast John Lannin gives us an insight into what it is like to be a CTD Architectural Specification Manager and how he has become one of our key members of the CTD Architectural Tiles team.

John Lannin has worked within the tiling industry for over 22 years, working his way up from working in one of the original CTD branches, opening a brand new trade centre to become our National Sales Manager with a specialist interest in the Fit Out Contractor sector.

We caught up with him to find out what his passions, interests and aspirations are and gained a little insight into what he believes the future holds for the tiling industry.

ctd architectural specification manager

What inspired you to work within the tiling industry?

John: Over the years working within CTD Sunderland it become apparent that I enjoyed working with designers & architects. I was always interested in the latest trends and new challenges, so moving into a Specification role was very appealing to me.

How would you describe your role?

John: As a specification manager you have to try to be the best at what matters the most to our customers – nursing a project from conception to completion, from sample enquiry to invoice payment.

What is your favourite project and why?

John: All of the projects I have done have been unique and have come with different challenges which I enjoy – there have been some huge and prestigious projects but also some little gems which I remember just as fondly.

What was your first project?

John: My first large project was Northern Rock Newcastle Head Office- It was an exciting project to be part of.

Working for an architectural tile company you are exposed to a large variety of interior trends, what is your favourite current trend?

John: There are a number of exciting interior trends at the moment but my favourite has to be the appearance of 3D shapes. It is a fun trend which a lot of interior designers, architects and clients are enthusiastic about. It is great when we identify products which allow us to offer tiles into new areas of the project, areas historically associated with non-tile products. Our new 20mm thick offer for external areas is also an example of this.

If you had to pick two highlighted products available at CTD Architectural Tiles what would they be and why?

John: Our Brickwork range - it is a fantastic tile range that has hardwearing qualities, offer the technical qualities my customers need and embody the industrial look.

Creating a brick effect feature wall without the mess of a traditional exposed wall is easily created with Brickwork tiles – Order your tile samples here: Brickwork Tile Samples

architectural tiles brick work

What does the future hold for CTD Architectural Tiles?

John: CTD Architectural tiles is always growing, we have just recently hired 3 new members of staff, as part of Saint-Gobain we are always looking to recruit hungry and eager employees to take on new challenges and showcase new tile ranges. We are passionate about tiles and passionate about our customers and our job is to make sure that this enthusiasm rubs off onto our customers.
Last but not least…

If you had to commit to a sandwich for the next two years what would it be?

John: Haslet & Coleslaw (unfortunately there isn’t a haslet and Coleslaw option on the what does your sandwich say about you book however I did sample some and for anyone else who does not know what haslet is, it tastes a little like the inside of a sausage roll)

So there you have it, the future is bright for CTD Architectural Tiles, the tiling industry is evolving and fresh trends are taking a new direction with modern shapes.

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